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Your Success is worth Investing in

If you had an internal design and marketing department they would have the success of your business at heart, right?  They’d always be committed to clearly communicating your brand and your values and consistently focused on generating new leads and new business for you.

The success of your business matters!
It matters to you and it matters to your design and marketing team. Because when they win, your business wins. And when your business wins everyone involved wins.

Lonely Viking is your new team and your success matters to us! When you win we win. And we love winning and making winners.

Wouldn't you love to be a Stoked client?

What do you need From Your team?

Website Development

Your website is the world's window into how you can give them what they need, simplify their life and solve their problems for them. Let's make sure that they are pulled in with beautiful, intentional design and kept there with a site that works across devices and loads damn fast.

Digital Marketing

Imagine two shops in a shopping mall. One is near the main entrance and throngs of people walk by, seeing the store and it's beautiful displays and marketing. The other is in an obscure back corner of the mall. Almost nobody walks by. Which one sells more? Which one do you want to be?

Conversion Optimization

A whole load of people go by a shop in the mall and look into the window. What is the messaging that they get looking in? Does it attract them and bring them inside? Does it show them how their problems can be solved? Once they are inside are they nurtured and drive to become customers?

Website Care

Let's stick with the shop-in-a-mall analogy. If the shop windows are dirty, the doors are closed or only half open, the staff are unfriendly, the shop is cluttered and shoppers can't find their way around, will they come in or stick around to buy? Nope! Your website needs to be cared for!

Graphic Design

Communication begins long before the first word is even read. Intentional design that is conceived and created to communicate your messaging is invaluable. Cutting costs and corners on design can mean sending the completely wrong message to your customers.

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