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Let’s continue with the great shopping mall analogy from the Digital Marketing page. If you haven’t read that yet, it’s definitely worth a read.

Once your customized digital marketing and traffic generation plan is in action you will be getting a whole bunch of targeted traffic. Visitors who are actually looking for the products or services that you offer. That’s all cool and everything, but the job is far from done. This is where your window displays matter. Where your branding and your messaging need to be sharp and polished. This is where you make sure that your visitors enter in through the right door. Where very headline they read counts and where you make sure that the aisles are wide and welcoming and ultimately lead to the sales counter.

Looks Matter

‘Looks aren’t everything’ is not an untrue statement but that doesn’t mean that ‘looks don’t matter’. They do. They matter a lot, in fact.

Imagine this. You walk past two clothing stores in the shopping centre. Both stores sell very similar clothing. 
The first store has a blacked-out window with some copy on it that says “We sell clothing”.
The second has a spacious, beautifully designed window display with huge, aspirational, lifestyle photos of attractive models wearing the clothes sold in the store. They have big smiles on their faces and look like they are having the best time. Life is good. Which of these two stores would you choose to go into?

Now let’s imagine the inside of each store. Are the clothes displayed nicely? Is the shop furniture of a high quality? Does it all work together to send you a consistent message?

How do you think your branding and your website should be for your visitors?

Experience matters

Imagine you’re in the “We Sell Clothing” store and there are no banners above stock height to help you find the section you want. You want to see the jeans, but you have to walk around the whole store to find them because there is no intuitive way to find your way there. The aisles are narrow, the staff ignore you and the aircon is broken. How long will you stay in the store and do you think you’ll ever find and buy those jeans?

A website or app isn’t any different when you think about it. When a user arrives they should be able to find their way around intuitively. A well thought out and designed UI (user interface) and a cleverly crafted UX (user experience) are key in turning visitors into conversions. If they came for jeans they better be able to find those damn jeans!

Personality matters

Let’s go inside the store with the awesome window display. When you walk in you already have an expectation. The feeling you got from looking at that beautifully designed window goes into the store with you.

When you get inside you are greeted by a friendly staff member. With sincerity in her voice she lets you know that she’s available to help but she doesn’t follow you around constantly trying to make a sale. When you have questions, she’s there to answer and she knows all about the clothing they sell. 

The language used on all the marketing material and by the staff is all consistent with the vibe of the store and keeps you feeling that ‘Life is good’ atmosphere.

What is the personality of your brand and is it consistent? Are your headlines intriguing and do they focus on your users? When someone visits your site do they get the idea that you have the solution to their problems or that you can provide the product or service to meet the needs or desires?

What if it’s not working?

Think of the stores you regularly go into. The structure or layout of the aisles generally stay the same, unless it’s really not working, but other things change far more regularly. Things like product displays and placement and marketing materials.

This is where tracking and testing comes in. How will you know if your marketing is working and if you’re getting a return on your marketing budget? Data! We keep track of everything and analyse the data so we know if the plan we’ve implemented is working or not. If it is we celebrate with you and keep tracking. If not, we tweak it and make it work!

Don’t you want to know that the money you’re spending is actually making you money?

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Once your website has been brilliantly optimized for conversions you need to be sure that there is a ton of traffic to convert and turn into leads and sales.

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