ARCH•PHOTOS logo and brand design.

A testimonial from the client.

ARCH•PHOTOS is a UK-based architectural photography agency. Lonely Viking was hired to develop a complete brand for ARCH•PHOTOS and create a branding style guide.

“I first approached Lonely Viking to do a logo design for me as mine was looking a little tired. In assessing my site, I realised the entire thing could have used a redesign. By working through Shane’s questions, I came to the conclusion that I could benefit from a branding exercise.

Lonely Viking provided me with a branding document, including a new logo. The document went through details such as font selection, logo placement, letterhead design and so on. It means that every bit of communication I send out has a consistent look and feel.

My agency pitches to architects and designers who are usually design savvy. Having the new branding done gave me the confidence to approach new potential clients – something that I had been putting off due to the incoherent branding of my previous site. Although it is difficult to quantify, I’m confident that much of my new business can be traced back to the branding exercise. For me, the exercise was worth it just for the confidence boost it gave me.

Great job from Lonely Viking!”

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Lonely Viking. Born in South Africa 🇿🇦 Serving the world 🌎

Lonely Viking. Born in South Africa 🇿🇦 Serving the world 🌎

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