How to set up WP Ultimo on RunCloud & Digital Ocean with automated SSL for your WaaS

Your WP Ultimo WaaS on RunCloud & Digital Ocean

Setting up a WaaS (Websites as a Service), or Turnkey Websites system with WordPress Multisite and WP Ultimo is a really great idea for many reasons. But the setup can be a real challenge and very time-consuming. An area of particular difficulty is making sure that all your clients’ websites have SSL certificates installed once they have mapped their domains. Automating this process is ideal because the less you have to do for your client in your productised service the more time you have to spend on marketing and growing your WaaS.

We have been working hard on two WaaS projects of our own and we are close to launching those but we have had a lot of trial and error along the way. First, we tried setting up on Cloudways but we ran into some issues there with automating the SSL for mapped domains so we moved over to RunCloud and set up on a Linode server. That didn’t go well at all because Linode’s DNS system was super slow so records took hours to update and that affected the automation and made it impossible. So then we moved to a Digital Ocean, also on RunCloud, and we finally had success after figuring out some kinks and challenges.

Our free step-by-step guide for automated SSL on your WP Ultimo WaaS

We have now created a step-by-step guide showing you how to set up WordPress Multisite and WP Ultimo on RunCloud and Digital Ocean with automatic SSL for mapped domains for your WaaS or turnkey website system. Click here to download our free guide! A popup will open with the download available for free with no obligations but there is also the option to sign up for our email list for WaaS related content.


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