Fishmonger Illovo Website

The Fishmonger Illovo website was a great project to work on. We met up with the owners of the restaurant at their venue and got a great feel for the place and for how they feel about their business. We had a good chat and enjoyed their hospitality and then took what we learned there and did what we do. We made cool stuff.

Fishmonger Illovo is regarded as one of, if not, the best seafood restaurants in Johannesburg so naturally we were stoked to create a site for them and to capture that with the look and feel of the site. We wanted someone on the site to feel the atmosphere and welcoming nature of the restaurant and to see how delicious and fresh the food is. So we used lots of big images and a few other little techniques to get the magic happening.

Since we created the first version of the site, Fishmonger Illovo has become a longtime client and we have since created a fresh new version of the site for them, as well as keeping it all running smoothly and up to date.

We love making cool stuff!