Websites That Work Convert Deliver

There is no doubt that your websites should be beautiful to look at, eye-catching and engaging. But what is the good of a stunning website that nobody ever sees? Your website can and should be so much more than an online business card or brochure. 

Your website should affect your bottom line, and not negatively! We believe in building websites that are not only brilliantly custom-designed and visually beautiful but that work for you. Websites that work to generate business and see a return on your investment. Websites that deliver.


Take your Website to the next level

Digital Marketing

Imagine two shops in a shopping mall. One is near the main entrance and throngs of people walk by, seeing the store and it's beautiful displays and marketing. The other is in an obscure back corner of the mall. Almost nobody walks by. Which one sells more? Which one do you want to be?

Conversion Optimization

A whole load of people go by a shop in the mall and look into the window. What is the messaging that they get looking in? Does it attract them and bring them inside? Does it show them how their problems can be solved? Once they are inside are they nurtured and drive to become customers?

Website Care

Let's stick with the shop-in-a-mall analogy. If the shop windows are dirty, the doors are closed or only half open, the staff are unfriendly, the shop is cluttered and shoppers can't find their way around, will they come in or stick around to buy? Nope! Your website needs to be cared for!

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Testimonial by Nick Wienand

workparty FOUNDER

“Shane Rielly and the guys at Lonely Viking are incredible. I wanted my workparty site to be both beautiful and functional and they’ve delivered perfectly. Shane has a great eye for design and knows what works on the web.

I went into the process thinking that I wanted a “virtual business card”. However, through Shane’s guidance, I realised that websites are a lot more dynamic than that and are an integral part of actively marketing a business. And Lonely Viking helped to move us that way, creating a site that encourages visitors to engage with the site and leave with real, actionable information. Calls-to-action, integrating the site with email marketing platforms, live chat and access to Google Analytics allow us to connect with our customers and understand how our marketing efforts are performing.

Throughout the creation of the site communication was top-notch. Shane made sure he understood my expectations and continued to touch base to make sure I was happy with the way things were progressing. Any issues raised were dealt with swiftly and feedback always kept me in the loop. I appreciated that I always felt that the guys at Lonely Viking were invested in my project. As if they were developing their own site. Knowledge and thoughtfulness often came through as they worked to make my site the best it could be. I felt like we were on the same team to achieve something awesome.

All of this came together in an amazing customer experience. I would whole-heartedly recommend Lonely Viking to anyone wanting to create a noteworthy online presence.”

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