What is digital marketing and why do you need it?

Think about a busy shopping mall with thousands of people moving around the passage-ways and making their way in and out of stores.

Now think about all of the shops in the mall. Some are near busy entrances. Some are anchor tenants. And then there are those other stores. You know the ones. You find them in sleepy corners of the centre or in obscure places like under the escalators or at the far end of the parking lot.

Besides being in the same shopping centre, all of these stores have at least one thing in common. They all want and need, foot traffic moving by. They want potential customers seeing their beautifully designed marketing material, carefully crafted window displays, and their products and special offers.


These very fortunate stores are near the main entrances of the mall or really close to an anchor tenant store. They experience significant amounts of foot traffic moving by. Thousands of people see their branding and displays whether they came to the mall for that store in particular or for a completely different one. The branding, design and marketing material is worth investing in for them because they get eyes on it.


The anchor tenants are those massive stores. Like supermarkets, sporting goods stores or international clothing retailers. They may or may not be in naturally high traffic areas of the mall but either way, shoppers generally come specifically to buy from them. In a sense, they generate their own traffic.


Because of where these stores are located very few people walk past them. No matter what they do to their look and feel or what special offers or displays they put in their windows it won’t help unless people see it. And without eyes moving past nobody will see any of it. These stores in the obscure parts of the centre often don’t last long and you will generally see a high turnover of tenants in those locations. I’m sure you can think of a few stores and locations like that in the mall you visit most.


Your website is one of the stores in the gigantic shopping centre that is the internet and you need to be sure its not one of the sleeper stores with no traffic going by. There are millions upon millions of people roaming the halls of the giant digital shopping mall. Are any of them going past your shop window and seeing what you have to offer?

If you don’t fit into the anchor tenant category then chances are that you need to be intentional about moving your website closer to one of the high traffic zones.

Digital marketing is what moves you in the right direction and gets eyes on your site. Now they get to see your beautifully designed website and all about how you can solve there problems with you products or services.

But what happens when shoppers step into a store? It’s great to have them inside, but they need to be turned into a customer! That is where Conversion Optimization takes over.


This is where digital marketing really shines!

Think about that shop near the mall entrance that gets tons of people walking by. Sure, that’s really great but a huge percentage of those people are only walking by because they have planned to go to another store. Something might grab their attention and they may decide to pop inside for a look, but imagine that store could make sure that just about everyone walking by is actually looking for what they are selling.

That is the real power of digital marketing. Not only having regular traffic on your website, but making sure the traffic you do have is actually people who are specifically looking for the products or services that you provide.

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Lonely Viking. Born in South Africa 🇿🇦 Serving the world 🌎

Lonely Viking. Born in South Africa 🇿🇦 Serving the world 🌎

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